Our claim


CMR Coatings develops and sales translucent lacquer systems and surface refinements with pretentious functionalities (scratch and abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, Easy-to-Clean, UV-protection etc.) according to the requirement of its industrial customers. The contemporary measures of the economical and practical solutions do have priority.

In accordance with innovative systems water-borne raw materials are used which correspond to the current VOC-guidelines.

A narrow network of partners for development, production, application as well as distribution enables the effective grouping of the most different resources. Consequently, the flexibility of a middle-classed company is combined optimally with the capacities of a large scale cooperation.

Together with its partners CMR Coatings pursues the target to be able to provide and supply reliably and sufficient high quality control requirements a complete customer-oriented program around the topic of innovative surface coatings. Thanks to its flexibility CMR Coatings is able to consider individually the product and production standards of the customers and to develop tailor-made coating systems.

Turning ideas to innovative solutions and delivering state-of-the-art technologies to satisfy its customers is the main ambition of CMR Coatings.