Liquid Laminates / Protection Films for Tarpaulins


CMR-liquid laminates are transparent, water-based, thermically drying, high flexible protective lacquers (1C, 2C) for plastics, plastic fims, PVC-tarpaulins and fabric.

These protective films serve to refine substrates and digital prints in the graphic sector by offering an outstanding protection against mechanical and chemical duty. As far as these applications are planned for long term outdoor use, the substrate and ink mandatorily have to be protected against weathering and UV-light. This protection is offered by CMR-liquid laminates as well. Furthermore, CMR-lacquer systems can be adjusted to new technologies, e.g. printing methods, at any time.

Most large format prints, based on solvent or UV curable inks, can be refined with CMR-protective lacquers and gain an exellent surface protection. Beyond this the highglossy versions of these protective lacquers do improve the brilliance of the colours considerably.