Users of vehicle film lacquers are companies which are mainly concerned with car wrapping. Besides the application of films for the important field of security vehicles (police, ambulance, fire brigade) as well as the equipment of vehicle fleets like cabs or large enterprises, the field of car wrapping of private vehicles gets more and more important.

To achieve the maximum individuality many car owners wish to have the actual trend colours or an individual / fancy design, which has to be removable residue-free and without any problems, when the car gets sold, as a car in a standard colour is easier to sell. Therefore the possibility to wrap the car does offer a more favourable alternative for private vehicles against conventional lacquering.

For all these car wrapping applications customary PVC- and PU-films are used (in most cases they are unprinted). These films have to fullfill several characteristics, which are especially demanding in use as vehicle film in outdoor applications. These characteristics are above all UV-consistency, scratch resistance and car-wash suitability. The plastered surfaces are protected against weathering, scratches and stone chips for the long term.

Upmarket films do offer very good protective functions of course, which can be optimated considerably by additional application of CMR-vehicle film lacquers. For that reason numerous customers of CMR offer alternatively adherence with unvarnished standard films or with additionally lacquered and refined films to their customers.

To increase the durability of the films or prints, they get refined with vehicle film lacquers before application. These highglossy and highly elastic clear coats do protect the surface of the substrate against scratching, pollution and weathering. They also provide high UV-protection, which prevents fading of the film or printing ink. In all, lacquered vehicle films do offer an optimum protection and raised aesthetics.