The CMR product range contains a series of translucent water lacquers those different epoxies and plastic films as well as paper and technical textiles refine and allow qualities specific with the respective for its application.

Thanks to modern technology, in particular the use of nano-scales raw materials, it is possible to equip water borned lacquers with function optimized qualities.

The CMR lacquer systems are general for all usual application procedures (rolling, blade coating, spraying, mould) suitable. Provided that adaptations of the lacquer system require appropriate, this might be carried out in the CMR-lab.

All CMR lacquer systems are available in 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 120 kg and 1000 kg units.

In general we recommend to our customers  to make trials on their own and we gladly will send the needed quantites of lacquer (1kg minimum) as sample. In advance we want to point that it isn’t possible to produce the samples free of charge. We invoice a lump sum for samples (up to 5kg) irrespective of the proper product price.  This price includes the work of our laboratory as well as our extra charge for small quantities.

The following detailed view describes the essential innovative products with which CMR Coatings operates within national and international markets.