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CMR-925 Cleaning Concentrate for Tarpaulin

For cleaning of painted truck tarpaulin the highly effective and thixotropic Special Cleaning Concentrate CMR-925 is suitable, applicable as film or foam.
The product is a multifunctionally applicable, thixotropic, dilutable, water-based cleaning concentrate which leaves a smooth, clean surface that resists a quick soiling.

The cleaner is biodegradable and free of complexing agents, it does not contain any hazardous ingredients, it does endanger neither employees nor the environment. Due to its good thixotropic characteristics the product does not drip off vertical or overhead surfaces . CMR-925 has proved its worth e.g. in surface cleaning, especially on tarpaulin and dissolves even strongest soilings such as oils, greases, grime, brake dust, gummings and deeply intruded environmental dirt.

Technical Data:
Physical Form: gel-like
ph-value: 12,5
Odour: pleasant
Density: 1,01
Miscible with water at any rate, protect from frost.

CMR-925 can be diluted with water (up to 1:3), higher dilutions depend on the grade of soiling of the objects.

Higher dilutions make CMR-925 lose its thixotropic characteristics. When diluting the product, always pay attention on creating a homogeneous mixture before the application.
Can be diluted with water (up to 1:10). By adding air, a solid foam is created that sticks safely to the surface.
The product can be applied via spraying, immersion, ultrasonic or wiping method, shows best demulsifying characteristics, is insensitive against various water hardness and temperatures. It can be applied in immersion baths up to 50° C.

Advantages and benefits:
economic and safe
physiologically and toxicologically harmless
no skin irritation
no harmful vapours
not subject to ‘Ordinance on Hazardous
low consumption as it is dilutable with water
high effectiveness


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