Covers, Tents and Handbags


Covers and tents

The same CMR liquid laminates, which have been developed for protective lacquering of truck-tarpaulins or advertising banners, are also suitable for roof sheeting, tarpaulins/ covers, (boat covers), circus tents, carvan-roofing etc. made out of PVC.

Of course, also materials which have already been in use for several years, can be protected and therewith “renewed”.

The lacquers will considerably decelerate further weathering of the tarpaulins and provide them with a new protective coating against mechanical load. However, this is depending on how far the former weathering has already been processed. As far as the tarpaulin is solid and not yet fragile it will work.

The 2 component lacquer CMR-440, as well as the corresponding hardener CMR-640, are particularly adequate for this purpose.

A roller or a spray gun should be used for varnishing. Furthermore it is important to clean the surfaces thoroughly in advance and to let them dry sufficiently later on. Please consider our processing advice and data sheets for liquid laminates at the download area of this homepage.



The 1C and 2C protective lacquers have also been approved to the refinement of handbags. Some of our customers concern themselves with the creative manufacturing of individual handbags and often use the same tarpaulin and PVC material which are used for truck side tarpaulins for the refinement of printed surfaces. The adhesive strength and flexibility of the lacquers, as well as the simple handling and varnishing is advantageous in this concern.


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