Glas Primer

CMR-747 Glas Primer

Within our cooperation with Roland DG we developed CMR-747 primer for glass.
So there is now the suitable possibility of pretreatment for extremely smooth glass surfaces
to achieve a printability with UV-inks. The clear transparency of the transparent surfaces is,
despite of the primer, obtained as well. The primer only turns into an adhesive agent on the printed places, it can easily be removed from the unprinted places. Consequently the original visual effect and haptic is not changed.

The exclusive distribution of this product is done by Roland DG. Pls. contact them for further information.

Roland DG Deutschland GmbH
Halskestraße 7
D-47877 Willich
Tel. 0049-(0)2154-8877-95
Fax 0049-(0)2154-8877-96


The primer does work whether you use Roland UV-systems or not.

For further information about this product, pls. see the article “Prima mit Primer”
in the technical magazine “Werbetechnik” 7/2013.