Graffiti Remover


CMR-929 Graffiti Remover

For cleaning of painted and non-painted surfaces the CMR-925 is suitable as ready to use product.
Especially graffitis of spray paint, marks of colouring pencils and markers are removable. Also remains of labels, glues and adhesives.

This product is perfect to remove graffitis from walls, storefronts, means of transport and all kinds of subsoils like chat-sawn finish, brickworks, cement, rendering without coat of paints and metal surfaces.

If CMR-929 has to be put on coated subsoils or non-coated films, you have to check the consistency of the coat of paint.
The cleaner is biodegradable and free of complexing agents, it does not contain any hazardous ingredients, it does endanger neither employees nor the environment.
The washing water has to be absorbed completely and disposed according to regulations. Fruit-, vegetable – and green areas have to be covered in the field of activity.

Technical Data:
Physical Form: liquid
ph-value: 12,5
Odour: weak
Density: 1,0
Miscible with water at any rate, protect from frost.

CMR-929 has to be sprayed on the polluted surface with a scrubber or a roller.
After a residence time of approx. 5 – 10 minutes the detergent hast o be removed with a high-pressure cleaner or with a scrubber and hot water.
This procedure has to be repeated until the graffiti is removed completely. Afterwards the surface has to be rinsed with water thoroughly.

Advantages and benefits:
applicable for most of the graffiti colours
fast effective
high effectiveness
dilutable with water
wide spectrum of applications
deep penetrating effects
colours are mostly removable without any shadow leftovers


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