2C-Clearcoats for Trucks


For lamination of flexible substrates (PVC-films and tarpaulins) with ambitious properties and durability the CMR clearcoats for tarpaulin offer a lot of possibilities of application.

PVC and other vinyl-films, which are printed with pigmented solvent inks or UV inks are protected against attrition and decomposition, because this lacquer provides good water resistance, easy-to-clean and outdoor durability. Substrates applied with this liquid laminate achieve also an outstanding colour brilliance. As water-borne two component clearcoats (2C) these systems provide excellent durability and resitance.

The resilience and extensibility of soft-PVC tarpaulin is normally achieved with plasticizers, those are inserted during epoxy production. These molecules are not chemically bound and eager to leak out over the surface of the substrate. This fact leads to a resist deposition from tarpaulins of any kind, for example for trucks, tents and advertising exorcist, special orders may be set up.

The plasticizer-blocking properties of the CMR clearcoat for tarpaulin (2C) prevents that the plasticizers can destroy or penetrate the protective coating in PVC. This waterbased lacquer for printed and unprinted tarpaulins provides an excellent protection especially for banner and trucks.

Furthermore, the coated material will be protected beyond against UV radiation and decomposition as well as chemical influences and mechanical load. Due to this fact every tarpaulin is still clean, well looking and highly flexible to comply with all requirements. The CMR clearcoat for tarpaulin are ideal for manual application by roll or spray-gun.


CMR-438 2C-Clearcoat for Tarpaulin “hand-use” (matt)

CMR-440 2C-Clearcoat for Tarpaulin “hand-use”

CMR-450 2C-Clearcoat for Tarpaulin “automatic”

2C-Clearcoats, thermal drying.

Application:  Graphics market: digital, offset printing, photo labs, sign maker, display maker.  Coating system for PVC-films and tarpaulins on flat or convex surfaces for indoor and outdoor applications.

Substrates: PVC (films/tarpaulins), textiles and polyester.

Application method: Scraper method (Mayer rod), spraying method, manually (roller).

Characteristics: High gloss or matt, high brilliant, easy to clean, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, very flexible, UV-protection. Adhesion on different substrates and inks (solvent, eco-solvent, UV, latex).


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