Primer for Plasticizer Blocking


PVC (Polyvinylchlorid) is an important material for several applications. The solid and coincidently most flexible character of the PVC results from plasticizers.
However, these plasticizers are not integrated stiffly in the PVC, they move within the material to the surface. Penetration, respectively migration of the plasticizers finally causes embrittlement of the PVC.

As far as PVC should be used for demanding and up-market and valuable applications, which gain further functions by additional lacquering, it is necessary that the migration of the plasticizers does not cause a rejection of this coating. This fact is extraordinarily determining for floor covers at gyms or indoor tennis centers.

Therefore a pretreatment of PVC surfaces is absolutly necessary in order to refine this kind of material with paints or clearcoats. CMR-752 is suitable for this important application due to its properties. PVC can be prepared for a lot of longterm products by using this primer.


CMR-752 Primer for Plasticizer Blocking

2C-Primer, thermal drying.

Application: floors.

Substrates: PVC.

Application method: Spraying method, manually.

Characteristics: Very good plasticizer blocking properties.


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