Primer for Printed Material


In most cases it is necessary to use a primer in order to print or coat on hard substrates. The transparent and waterbased CMR-790 has width possibilities of application. Customers use it for a lot of materials. In every case the primer provides good adhesion of inks and other coatings. The most important features for these applications are, that only a low thickness is needed (e. g. dry 2-3 g/sqm). The primer is very quick drying too.

The CMR-790 is usable on all usual large printers and with all solvent und UV containing inks. The CMR primer has a very good direct adhesion as well as an outstanding absorption capacity of pigmented solvent-based and UV-crosslinking printing-inks inks. Beyond this the system offers a very high colour brilliance and depth effect since the inks are immediately stabilized in terms of printing.

The primer CMR-790 is especially suitable for manual application, e. g. by wiping, spraying, rolling and printing on the surface. For a thin coating and for avoiding stripes the client can dilute with water. In contrast to the primer CMR-790 the binding agents provide the possibility of applying  on hard substrates. They are stronger and less flexible.


CMR-790 Primer for Printed Material

1C-Primer, thermal drying.

Application: Graphics market: digital, offset printing, photo labs, sign maker, display maker. Premium printed substrates for longtherm outdoor applications (printable with UV- and solvent-printers).

Substrates: Plastics, metals, glass, ceramic, melamine, MDF, plexiglass, forex.

Application method: Spraying method, manually.

Characteristics: Transparent, high gloss, high brilliant. Very good adhesion on different substrates and inks.


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