Facade Films


The CMR protection lacquer CMR-413 allows for the film coating, that graffitis (spray colours, permanent marker) and other impurities are removed considerably easier of surfaces than it was up to now. The effort of special cleaners is not required.

However, this translucent two-component protection lacquer is used on leather and epoxies (foils, wallpaper, tarpaulin). Therefore it represents a suitable economical alternative to the expensive teflon film Deposition. To mention is the additional special quality of the self cleaning effect and the resistance to climatic influences and especially important the UV-radiation of this protection clearcoat. A ruggedness against mechanical and chemical influences is given beyond.


CMR-413 2C-Clearcoat for Films

2C-Clearcoat, thermal drying.

Application:  Coating system for PVC-film which will be applied on flat and complex geometries of profiled surfaces.

Application method: Scraper method (Mayer rod), spraying method.

Characteristics: High gloss, high brilliant, easy to clean, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, very flexible, UV-protection, non-aging, no yellowing.


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