Vehicle Films / Advertising


Taxis, ambulances, police and military vehicles are covered with self-adhesive PVC films. Those are often printed with logos and letterings. The films should be protected against pollution, scratches, weathering and chemicals. They must be extremely elastic for thermoformability since they become stuck at temperatures up to 100° C.

The surface must be easy to clean, dirt must not stick but has to be removable by clear water. Also a high UV protection (> 5 years) is needed, which prevents a fading of the film and/or the orienting of the colours. All of these supplementary qualities can be mediated to the substrates through the high glossy CMR vehicle film.

This surface protection receives an outstanding high degree of permanence with a two component system (2C). The surface hardness made in this way increases the quality and durability of the substrate. The equipped vehicles also remain in optically good state after longer use.


CMR-111 Clearcoat for Vehicle-Films

2C-Clearcoat, thermal drying.

Application:  Coating system for PVC-film which will be applied on flat and complex geometries of profiled vehicle surfaces (automotive industry).

Application method: Scraper method (Mayer rod), spraying method.

Characteristics: High gloss, high brilliant, easy to clean, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, very flexible, UV-protection, non-aging, no yellowing.


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