Stone Chips Films


The CMR-clearcoat against stone chips CMR-114 supplies a special application in the field of vehicle films. Here it is a question to provide an additional protection, in addition to the qualities of deposition of vehicle films mentioned already, against stone chips. In most cases the substrate is a PU-film, whose flexibility is further optimized by the CMR-lacquer system concerning stone chips and/or shock-resistant. In this way primary the lower vehicle fields as bumpers, entering area etc. are protected.


CMR-114 Clearcoat against Stone Chips

3C-Clearcoat, thermal drying.

Application:  Coating system for PU-film which will be applied on flat and complex geometries of profiled vehicle surfaces (automotive industry).

Application method: Scraper method (Mayer rod), spraying method.

Characteristics: High gloss, high brilliant, easy to clean, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, very flexible, UV-protection, non-aging, no yellowing.


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