2C-Clearcoats for Rigid Substrates


There are special requirements for clearcoats for rigid materials than for clearcoats for flexible substrates. Therefore two coatings with different focus regarding the features were developed, which are suitable for these applications.

The translucent CMR-413.W is used as protection film of rigid materials. Especially on alu-dibond and aluminium and other metals this clearcoat achieves very good properties concerning adhesion, scratch restistance and UV-protection. Apart from this the product is suitable as a clearcoat for a lot of printed and unprinted plastics.

Due to its extremely high density of crosslinking this product provides a very good resistance against different kinds of chemicals. Therefore the surface is easy to clean. Apart from this the product offers an excellent UV protection.


CMR-413.W Antigraffiti Clearcoat

CMR-413.WM Antigraffiti Clearcoat (matt)

2C-Clearcoat, thermal drying.

Application: Premium printed and non-printed rigid substrates for long-term outdoor applications in the field of automotive, machines and apparatus construction etc. and for graphics market.

Substrates: Plastics, metals.

Application method: Spraying method, screen printing.

Characteristics: High gloss or matt, color brilliance, easy to clean, antigraffiti, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, excellent UV-protection. Very good adhesion on different substrates and inks.


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